Want to sell digital content or physical items online? WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress that integrates with popular online payments systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Square and Amazon Pay.

domain names

We’d normally recommend that you look after the registration and renewal of your domain name, as that ensures you have full control. However, we’re happy to assist with the registration process and can take care of the renewal process for you. We can also assist you with configuring the name servers for your domain.

detailed analytics

We can provide GDPR-compliant website usage statistics with locally-hosted Matomo Analytics, starting from just £6 per year.

search functionality

By default, your site will use WordPress’s built-in search facility. However, we can optionally reconfigure your site to use our Elasticsearch server to help supercharge your search results.


We can provide free email forwarding, so that emails sent to address@yourdomain.com are forwarded on to your personal email account.

If you’d like to be able to send emails addressed with your domain name, you’ll need an email inbox. For a low annual cost, we can take care of configuring an inbox for your domain that integrates fully with popular email services such as Gmail, can be accessed via Roundcube webmail, or via your own SMTP/IMAP/POP3 client. We also take care of configuring DMARC, SPF and DKIM to help ensure your emails make it to inboxes rather than spam folders. Optionally, we can monitor your DMARC reports and alert you to attempts to third-party attempts to send spoof emails using your domain name.

If you need lots of inboxes, we can help you set up an account with a reputable low-cost email hosting service such as MXroute.


The majority of sites that we host are relatively small and self-contained. However, if you need extra storage capacity for hosting multimedia or other large files, we can provide server-attached Linode Block Storage and S3-compatible cloud-based Linode Object Storage.