backups & updates


You can never have enough backups, so we ensure each server is backed up twice a day — once as a snapshot by the Linode Backup Service and then as WordPress export for your site, along with the uploaded media and database content.

If the worst happens, we can quickly recover files, restore content and even redeploy entire servers to help minimize downtime.

If you’d like extra peace of mind, you can access and download copies of the most recent backups for your site.

We also offer an optional warm standby service so that a fresh backup is ready and waiting to go live should anything happen to your site.

your database

To help ensure maximum uptime, the database for your site is replicated across a multi-node Galera Cluster with ProxySQL providing load-balancing and automatic failover. The entire database is also backed up hourly to a secure cloud-based archive.


As well as maintaining the servers, we take care of keeping your site secure by ensuring WordPress updates to core code, plugins and themes are automatically applied within hours of their release.

Outdated or vulnerable themes and plugins are one of the most common ways by which WordPress sites are compromised.

server uptime

We aim to achieve at least 99.99% uptime on the WordPress servers. Occasionally, operating system security patches will require a server reboot ― this usually takes places in the early hours of the morning to minimise disruption and is completed in under 30 seconds.